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[00:10:44] Malik Al-Sayf: Computer -.-
[00:10:50] LuciDeNord: uuugh
[00:13:22] LuciDeNord: shatteredheartsmanga.deviantar… ignore the shit but the bottom right is the best. And toooo cute
[00:14:29] Malik Al-Sayf: cx Wow, That looks a little like my character Malik with his baby.
[00:14:41] LuciDeNord: xD
[00:14:47] LuciDeNord: Flight and his daughter
[00:14:49] LuciDeNord: :P
[00:15:47] Malik Al-Sayf: My Malik had a son, but he got killed along with Mal's wife. So he moved away. c:
[00:16:41] Malik Al-Sayf: And now he's gay. cx
[00:17:48] LuciDeNord: xD
[00:18:29] Malik Al-Sayf: But that was his history and what I Rp now is his new life with this guy
[00:18:52] LuciDeNord: oh yh i saw ACI and ACII flashback things
[00:23:35] Malik Al-Sayf: Ah Maria and Altair
[00:23:50] LuciDeNord: :P
[00:24:06] LuciDeNord:…
[00:24:45] Malik Al-Sayf: Wow. cx
[00:25:42] LuciDeNord: :P
[00:25:50] LuciDeNord: Zenox is a good artist
[00:26:52] Malik Al-Sayf: I see. c:
[00:27:35] LuciDeNord:…
[00:27:54] Malik Al-Sayf: cx
[00:28:34] LuciDeNord:… xDDDD
[00:29:51] LuciDeNord:… o.o
[00:30:45] Malik Al-Sayf: cx
[00:33:38] *** Call to Malik Al-Sayf, no answer. ***
[00:33:47] *** Call to Malik Al-Sayf, busy. ***
[00:35:04] LuciDeNord:… LOL
[00:35:41] Malik Al-Sayf: So true. xD
[00:36:01] LuciDeNord: Looks like Flight in a nutshell…
[00:36:41] Malik Al-Sayf: cx Looks like Mal.
[00:37:43] LuciDeNord: Flight: -pokes Malik- Perhaps you shold let Sue-anne see about your missing arm..
[00:38:09] LuciDeNord: Sue-anne could give Malik a new arm :D a real one. Not prosthetic shit. ))
[00:38:17] LuciDeNord: She's a brilliant scientist ))
[00:38:37] Malik Al-Sayf: My Malik has his arm. cx ))
[00:39:24] Malik Al-Sayf: But he hasn't got his ring finger on his left hand. c:
[00:41:33] LuciDeNord: Flight: ... not even a little of it? O_O -looks at his own hidden blade, a modified one that wont cut off his fucking finger-
[00:42:50] Malik Al-Sayf: Malik: Ah, its a simple sacrifice, suits my line of work. *holds a bloodied feather between fore and index finger*
[00:43:21] LuciDeNord: Flight: ... yet i've taken out at least 15 gangs of thugs in the past 4 years...
[00:43:41] LuciDeNord: there's anywhere from 15 to 400 thugs in a gang O_O ))
[00:46:05] LuciDeNord: who defuq is Nikolai in ac? ))
[00:46:18] LuciDeNord: he after aveline.. but before desmond.. who defuuuuq an wut game.. ))
[00:46:36] LuciDeNord:… far right ))
[00:46:55] Malik Al-Sayf: I know. c
[00:47:01] LuciDeNord: O.O
[00:47:05] LuciDeNord: TELL MEEEEEE
[00:47:13] Malik Al-Sayf: Russian Assassin.
[00:47:22] LuciDeNord: o.o
[00:47:24] Malik Al-Sayf: Nikolai Orelav
[00:47:37] LuciDeNord: WTF
[00:47:38] LuciDeNord: !?
[00:48:41] LuciDeNord: Why is he the only one i dont know..
[00:48:56] LuciDeNord: i know 99% of AC... that 1% being him..
[00:49:21] Malik Al-Sayf: cx I knew him.
[00:49:40] Malik Al-Sayf: And the fact there's a new one coming out.
[00:49:55] LuciDeNord: AC IV is already out..
[00:49:59] LuciDeNord: i have it
[00:50:07] Malik Al-Sayf: Nope
[00:50:15] Malik Al-Sayf: AC Unity
[00:50:25] LuciDeNord: o.o
[00:50:45] Malik Al-Sayf: Its still in Beta though.
[00:51:05] LuciDeNord: how the fuck you know this when im like AC every day?
[00:52:07] Malik Al-Sayf: *Shrugs* I search.
[00:53:01] LuciDeNord: O.O
[00:53:16] LuciDeNord: youd think Ubisoft would update their front page when AC IV starts up
[00:58:51] Malik Al-Sayf: cx Yeah.
[01:00:12] LuciDeNord: Arnaud... the protagonist.
[01:00:34] Malik Al-Sayf: Mm?
[01:01:05] LuciDeNord: thats the nam
[01:01:07] LuciDeNord: of the guy
[01:01:10] LuciDeNord: Arnaud
[01:01:21] Malik Al-Sayf: Oh.
[01:02:22] Malik Al-Sayf: French Revolution.
[01:03:07] LuciDeNord:…
[01:04:00] Malik Al-Sayf: I still find it upsetting Desmond is just gone.
[01:07:44] LuciDeNord: he dieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed I:
[01:08:02] Malik Al-Sayf: Thats what's upsetting
[01:14:34] LuciDeNord: i think Arnaud could be connors son or brother
[01:14:56] LuciDeNord: their facial profiless (side views) look extremely idntical
[01:14:57] Malik Al-Sayf: Probably.
[01:15:31] Malik Al-Sayf: Thats how they are running the charade nowadays
[01:15:49] LuciDeNord: i bet desmond has a son.
[01:15:53] LuciDeNord: That we dun know about
[01:16:00] LuciDeNord: then again, it wouldnt surprise me if he did.
[01:16:12] Malik Al-Sayf: I don't think he did
[01:16:40] Malik Al-Sayf: I'm almost certain he didn't looking at the events in Revelations.
[01:18:10] Malik Al-Sayf: Also if they pull that card it'd be stupid I think.
[01:18:56] LuciDeNord: yeah but it seems like sth ubisoft would do.
[01:19:48] Malik Al-Sayf: I was already pissed about how anti climatic the ending to Revelations was.
[01:19:57] LuciDeNord: -shrug-
[01:20:06] LuciDeNord: Desmond: BY THE WAY! I had a son.
[01:20:18] LuciDeNord: AC Fans: -tableflip- PLOT TWIST!
[01:20:44] Malik Al-Sayf: Me: Ubisoft speaking bullshit again.
[01:21:42] LuciDeNord: xxD
[01:21:52] LuciDeNord: Me: .... -closes ACU and goes to Shattered Hearts-
[01:22:34] Malik Al-Sayf: Me: Better plot twist, Shaun and Desmond were in a Homosexual relationship. ._.
[01:22:51] LuciDeNord: :D
[01:22:54] LuciDeNord: SHAUN
[01:22:54] LuciDeNord: :D
[01:23:42] Malik Al-Sayf: Yep all the Assassins were actually gay. *flails*
[01:24:18] LuciDeNord: Desmond: Aveline wasnt
[01:24:34] Malik Al-Sayf: She could be. ._.
[01:24:39] LuciDeNord: i doubt it
[01:24:45] LuciDeNord: she had a husband and daughter
[01:25:18] Malik Al-Sayf: Mal and Alt had a wife and children. c:
[01:26:15] Malik Al-Sayf: Malik Al-Sayf, Aisha Al-Hayarai, Tazim (heart)
[01:26:29] LuciDeNord:………
[01:26:54] Malik Al-Sayf: Altaïr Ibn-La Ahad, Maria Thorpe, Sef and Darim. c:
[01:27:26] LuciDeNord: the apple! of course! Desmond made a copy of himself that died. he didnt!
[01:28:17] LuciDeNord: he didnt die.. the copy did!
[01:28:23] LuciDeNord: -didnt see it before-
[01:29:02] Malik Al-Sayf: I'm an Idiot, why didn't I realize that.
[01:29:11] *** LuciDeNord sent IMG_20042014_012910.png ***
[01:29:27] Malik Al-Sayf: Dngjdkdf ;-; I cant, phone.
[01:30:10] LuciDeNord: why didnt i ee it before.
[01:30:16] LuciDeNord: the duplicate is the dead one
[01:30:30] Malik Al-Sayf: Mhm.
[01:30:48] LuciDeNord: did you notice the red thing when they removed the orgns? the red flashes?
[01:30:57] LuciDeNord: thats something noly a duplicates body could do
[01:30:59] Malik Al-Sayf: What?
[01:31:47] LuciDeNord: "I'm saving you idiot" <--- Klay.
[01:31:49] LuciDeNord: O.O
[01:31:57] LuciDeNord: Klay saved that 2nd copy for Desmond to use later!
[01:31:59] LuciDeNord: OF COURSE!
[01:32:03] LuciDeNord: OF FUCKING COURSE!
[01:32:08] LuciDeNord: NOW I SEE IT!
[01:32:15] LuciDeNord: Stupid! *slaps self* Now I see!
[01:32:42] Malik Al-Sayf: I'm so confused what?
[01:33:01] LuciDeNord: his arm glows blue when he comes out of the coma in AC III remember?
[01:33:06] LuciDeNord: that was Klay saving the copy.
[01:33:19] LuciDeNord: Desmond later accessed that copy through the apple
[01:33:54] Malik Al-Sayf: ... Ohmyfuck
[01:33:58] Malik Al-Sayf: Yes...
[01:34:51] LuciDeNord: his arm gets burned by the thing but suddenly heals. The sudden heal is real desmond getting up and leaving the chamber.
[01:34:56] LuciDeNord: the burned one is the copy!
[01:35:03] LuciDeNord: MY GOD NICOLE
[01:35:13] LuciDeNord: WE'VE SOLVED IT! (with help)
[01:35:15] Malik Al-Sayf: ;-; He's alive (heart)
[01:36:02] LuciDeNord: i may copy our convo about it and put it as a journal on DA for all to know
[01:36:10] LuciDeNord: so they can realize what we realized
[01:36:16] Malik Al-Sayf: cx
[01:36:28] LuciDeNord: Should I?
[01:37:09] Malik Al-Sayf: Sure cx
[01:37:14] LuciDeNord: :D
[01:37:31] LuciDeNord:…
[01:37:33] LuciDeNord: lol
[01:37:41] LuciDeNord:…
[01:37:47] LuciDeNord: pasting links for people to click xD
[01:39:55] LuciDeNord: DESMOND YOU Fck~NG GENIUS!
[01:40:41] LuciDeNord:…
[01:43:39] LuciDeNord: there are assassins in desmonds line AFTER desmond. We all know that
[01:43:46] LuciDeNord: SO he carried on the line ...
[01:43:50] LuciDeNord: he didnt have siblings.
[01:44:00] LuciDeNord: But the assassin line carried on remember?
[01:44:18] Malik Al-Sayf: .3. Shaun Rebecca, his mam and dad. c:
[01:44:32] LuciDeNord: Desmond must've had a hidden family.
[01:44:47] LuciDeNord: the line didnt stop on him
[01:45:02] LuciDeNord: there was a man or child, who talked about desmon and referred to him as "my father"
[01:45:11] Malik Al-Sayf: Mhm.
[01:45:22] LuciDeNord: remember that?
[01:45:30] Malik Al-Sayf: Yes.
[01:45:55] LuciDeNord: "My father, Desmond, Was/Is an assassin." ~ Child/man
[01:46:29] Malik Al-Sayf: Mhm I remember
[01:47:32] Malik Al-Sayf: I still think the character we play as has some relevance.
[01:48:50] Malik Al-Sayf: Because it seems funny how of all the people exploring the memories of Desmond's ancestors. The hacker chooses us to do all the work. .-.
[01:48:51] LuciDeNord: Desmond wouldnt leave the apple of eden with his dead body. Bag w/ broken hidden blade and no apple.
[01:49:01] LuciDeNord: The dead is a duplicate.
[01:49:06] LuciDeNord: Desmond had escaped.
[01:49:18] LuciDeNord: and yes. Yes maybe the apple changed Desmond into the AC4 protagonist
[01:49:25] LuciDeNord: afterall, you never seen your own face.
[01:49:31] LuciDeNord: not even in the mirrors
[01:50:13] Malik Al-Sayf: .3. Maybe Shaun is trying to eavesdrop on Templar plans thats why he works at abstergo.
[01:50:32] LuciDeNord: Shaun has a black wig on! Yes!
[01:50:40] LuciDeNord: and Shaun knows multiple languages!
[01:50:49] LuciDeNord: YES!
[01:50:52] LuciDeNord: I see it!
[01:50:58] Malik Al-Sayf: And Rebecca takes information back to Desmond?
[01:51:10] LuciDeNord: Yus
[01:51:13] LuciDeNord: It all makes sense
[01:51:30] Malik Al-Sayf: Because she doesn't ever say who or where its going. .3.
[01:52:58] LuciDeNord:…
[01:53:02] LuciDeNord: yes!
[01:55:52] LuciDeNord: desmond was no idiot.
[01:55:58] LuciDeNord: he was a genius.
[01:59:43] Malik Al-Sayf: That was the first thing I wondered
[02:00:03] Malik Al-Sayf: Why is the Blade broken, unless he got into a fight of some sort.
[02:00:11] LuciDeNord: eeyup
[02:00:51] Malik Al-Sayf: I forgot about the Apple completely, I never much liked it; ruined Altaïr's life.
[02:01:18] LuciDeNord: xD
[02:01:47] Malik Al-Sayf: Didn't mind using it in Ac3 though. cx
[02:02:42] Malik Al-Sayf: Making people shoot themselves, best game mechanic ever.
[02:03:00] LuciDeNord: (cat)
[02:03:12] LuciDeNord: apple using in ACB for me was hard
[02:03:40] Malik Al-Sayf: I remember using it in ACR it was confusing. xD
[02:04:27] Malik Al-Sayf: I didn't know whether they were being killed or not and I was walking around like: I think you died.
[02:12:02] LuciDeNord: xD
[02:12:08] LuciDeNord:… btw
[02:12:50] Malik Al-Sayf: I'll have to wait till I'm on my computer. cx
[02:13:55] LuciDeNord: its phone friendly ;p
[02:14:26] Malik Al-Sayf: I know, but I'm too tired to read 40 chapters. xD
[02:14:38] LuciDeNord: theres just the 1 atm
[02:14:51] Malik Al-Sayf: Oh then I've read it. c:
[02:15:00] Malik Al-Sayf: You sent it to me before.
[02:15:06] LuciDeNord: nd its the short prologue... nd did i?
[02:15:17] LuciDeNord: i think i added a little more
[02:15:32] Malik Al-Sayf: cx I'll have a look.
[02:16:16] LuciDeNord: REBECCA IS THE MOTHER OF DESMONDS CHILD! of course! -just occurred to me-
[02:16:24] LuciDeNord: they were rly close
[02:17:49] Malik Al-Sayf: I didn't think that close, not like him and Lucy.
[02:18:12] Malik Al-Sayf: However I know she died in Brotherhood
[02:19:58] LuciDeNord: rebecca and desmond were a little closer than Des nd Lucy
[02:21:20] Malik Al-Sayf: Mm. I suppose, I always put with Shaun though, sexual tension.


See this whole conversation? Desmond is alive I tell you. Analyze this photo.…

No apple of Eden. Desmond father doesnt have it. Neither do the templar. Desmond creates a carbon copy of himself with the apple to take his place as he seemingly "dies" 

think abut it. read this conversation over and over.  You'll realize it eventually.


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