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[11:10:22] ??????: LOL NO I've Just Bin Blocking you Because im tierd of it and the shit you told the police, ?????????'s Gone because of you and ???? will to the only two people i really loved for because they understand me.. You Not as Much..Sorry to say but since you have came in to  my life every thing as changed i dont like it so all be blocking you for the rest of the time Oh And Me and ???> have known ehother for 3 years unlike you only..not even one! ????????? 2 because he intuduse me to him an year later...When i wasnt that hipper...Unlike you you knownly know ????????? like a year and theo a year mabye Yh you dont know all about him to give him to the ?????? because all tell you Tho's things he made me do i achuly Like (Input by me: Yeah. It's cause PEDOPHILIA). AND ???? will be asking me out soon so kindly don't get in the way! Thanks all be blocking again because you have no real profe on whats going on and what happend..if you do its because i opined my big fat mouth again. Anywas bye. (blocks)
[11:12:47] ??????: Oh and one thing i forgot, ???? dosent want to know you or ever want to come in contact with you ever again i told him every thing and he h
[11:12:53] ????: said prove it
[11:13:58] ????: So next time i need prove  now all be blocking you..
[11:14:08] ????????: jess the police are AFTER you.
[11:14:15] ????????: im trying to SAVE you
[11:14:31] ????????: they have your name. your id. everything. bc of him/
[11:14:44] ????????: i just want to keep you safe. i understand you.
[11:14:53] ????????: but your judgement is clouded
[11:15:00] ????: HEY
[11:15:07] ????: I have somthing to say you know
[11:15:11] ????????: i care. your nan cares. you das cares. ALEX cares too
[11:15:14] ????: stop spaming
[11:15:29] ????????: and if your going to be ungrateful for what im trying to do to save you, then you should think twice.
[11:16:09] ????????: and ????????????? told the police what ???? did actually.
[11:16:38] ????????: i dont even want to SPEAK to theo.
[11:17:07] ????????: also ????, my mom threw me out on the street. Again.
[11:17:13] ????: ?????? have drived by my house 4/3 days now..and they havent got me. so one thinking thats a lie two they would have got me by now and 3 i know ???? more then you and ???????????? more then you ????/???????????? know echother
[11:17:28] ????????: you think im trying to be the bad guy? Im not.
[11:17:39] ????????: and it'd be because the canadian police aint aware of it.
[11:17:44] ????????: the british ones are.
[11:17:53] ????????: I dont wannna argue with you. I want to keep you safe.
[11:17:59] ????: Yes i really do because this sounds all to fake you dont have prove of this shit
[11:18:19] ????????: i could easily call a police investigator, call you and let them explain it all
[11:18:21] ????: Thats why your tiping!
[11:18:33] ????????: even ask ????, ?????? ????? and ???.
[11:18:51] ????????: Aswell as ????, ???, ???????????? (as much as he damaged my brain with what he did to me) and ????????.
[11:19:45] ????: Hey ???????????? has been an ass ik but it dont really mean he had to go to jail
[11:20:09] ????????: it wasnt my choice.
[11:20:29] ????????: they caught him bc of wut he did. now listen to jordan. for god sake listen


What would anyone else do in this situation? anyone have any advice...?
Cause if i were her mom... (which im not) I'd want to keep her safe.. But i guess you cant protect Ungrateful, Naive Little Twats now can you?


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Ras :3
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Hey there, I see you found my page... lemme say this, If your a stalker, then get outta here. If you are just interested in my art, you should know this, I DO NOT Tolerate Art thieves. My style is quite varied, even if there are really only 2 categorys.

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